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1st Year Earnings of $65,000 to $150,000+*
First Year Commission Levels from 95% to 115%

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Brent's Testimony

Is this right for me?*

Often people wonder if Selling Final Expense Insurance is a Good Career fit for them.

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Agent Video Testimonies

Dawn's Testimony

Commission Beats Salary*

"I worked on a salary my entire life but I'm now making more money with Howe Insurance Services than ever before."

- Dawn

Nick's Testimony

$40,000 in Debt Paid Off*

"Before I found HIS I was broke and over $40k in credit card debt." - Nick

Brent's Testimony

Residual Income = Retirement*

"After working for a competitor for 10 years, I joined HIS, and found that HIS provides better training, better leads and a better work environment!" -Brent

Training & Leads = $300k a year!*

"After many years of selling insurance, I found myself stuck at $125k/yr, after joining HIS I wrote over $300k a year with the help of our training & lead system."

- William

Over $10,000 in Just One Week*

"I'm making several times more now than when I ran my own business - with more schedule flexibility!" - Laura

Work Hard, Play Hard*

"I was making decent money in sales before I joined HIS. Now, I'm making 2-3 times as much and have time to spend with my family." - Tony

Fun Family Vacations*

You don't want to miss the FUN!!! 5 days and 4 nights in Orlando February 2016!!!

Quadruple Your Income*

"I quadrupled my income when I made the move to HIS. But that's not the only thing that changed about my life." -Nathan

Great Vacations*

"As an agent with HIS, I can both spend more time with my family and also visit fantastic places like Maui!" - Chris

Helping People = Money*

"I joined HIS without any prior sales experience. I found that by following HIS's turn-key system I can help others while making a great six figure income." - Lewis

Jason Used to be a Sheriff. Now's He's a Final Expense Agent with HIS

From Sheriff to HIS*

"I'm fully committed to HIS by enrolling in our Fast-Track Coaching Program."

- Justin

Steve's Testimony

Amazing Adventures*

"We take the best trips and have the Most Fun of anyone we know!" - Logan

Kent's Testimony

150% Income Increase*

"I'm is now making 150% of what I did after 16 years of in-home sales managing 15 states." - Kent

Fun Community Activities

Team Building Events*

"We like to Work Hard and Play Hard."

- Tim

Shane Finally found the Right career! He Loves helping people and he Enjoys what he’s doing.

Make a Difference!*

"I Finally found the Right career! I Loves helping people and Enjoy what I'm doing."

- Shane

Josh's Testimony

The Sky is the Limit*

"I found a work atmosphere at HIS which has allowed me to thrive in sales. I now has the freedom and flexibility to spend more quality time with my wife and young children." - Josh

Brad and Megan's Testimony

300% Income Increase*

"My wife, Megan, and I are building our own family business with the training and resources HIS provides." - Brad

Dustin's Testimony

Be Your Own Boss*

"I brought a strong work ethic to HIS and am consistently one of their top agents."

- Dustin

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Proven Success System


  • 95%-115% Commission Levels
  • Fresh Direct Mail Leads
  • Day 1 Vested Commissions
  • Day 1 Vested Renewals
  • Company Profit Sharing
  • Mentors Who Care About You
  • A Dedicated Home Office Team
  • $300 Bonus to Reimburse New
         Agent State Licensing Fees

Your Success


  • Financial Freedom
  • Personal Development
  • Own Your Own Business
  • Extra Income
  • More Spare Time
  • Help Others
  • Build A Solid Retirement
  • Meet New People
  • Leave a Legacy

World-Class Training

  • New Agent Blueprint
  • Downloadable Audio Training
  • Sales Presentation Recordings
  • MP3s of Live Appointment Setting
  • Videos of Mock Presentations
  • A Fast-Track Coaching Program
  • Weekly Conference Calls
  • Presentation Scripts
  • Appointment Setting Scripts
  • A Presentation Flipchart


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