Proven Success System


  • 80-115% Starting Comp Levels
  • FREE Fresh Direct Mail Leads
  • Day 1 Vested Commissions
  • Day 1 Vested Renewals
  • Company Profit Sharing
  • Mentors Who Care About You
  • A Dedicated Home Office Team
  • $500 Bonus to Reimburse New
         Agent State Licensing Fees

Your Success


  • Financial Freedom
  • Personal Development
  • Own Your Own Business
  • Extra Income
  • More Spare Time
  • Help Others
  • Build A Solid Retirement
  • Meet New People
  • Leave a Legacy

World-Class Training

  • New Agent Blueprint
  • Downloadable Audio Training
  • Sales Presentation Recordings
  • MP3s of Live Appointment Setting
  • Videos of Mock Presentations
  • A Fast-Track Coaching Program
  • Weekly Conference Calls
  • Presentation Scripts
  • Appointment Setting Scripts
  • A Presentation Flipchart


Agent Video Testimonies

Dawn's Testimony

Commission Beats Salary

Dawn worked on a salary her entire life but she's making more money with Howe Insurance Services than she ever has.

Nick's Testimony

$40,000 in Credit Card Debt

Before Nick found HIS he was broke and in debt. Learn how he used our Proven Sales System and hard work to transform his life.

Brent's Testimony

Residual Income = Retirement

After working for a competitor for 10 years, Brent joined HIS. He found HIS provides better training, better leads and a better work environment!

Steve's Testimony

Corporate to Independent

Steve made switching from corporate America to final expense life insurance sales look easy.

Over $10,000 in Just One Week

Laura is making several times more now than when she ran her own business - with more schedule flexibility!

Work Hard, Play Hard

Tony was making decent money in sales before he joined HIS. Now, he's making 2-3 times as much and has time to spend with his family.


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Jeremy's Testimony

Plenty of Leads

All Jeremy needed was the opportunity to get in front of clients. The lead system HIS provides gave him that opportunity.

Dustin's Testimony

Be Your Own Boss

Dustin brought a strong work ethic to HIS and has consistently been one of our top agents.

Great Vacations

As an agent with HIS, Chris can both spend more time with his family and also visit fantastic places like Maui!

Quadruple Your Income

Nathan quadrupled his income once he made the move to HIS. But that's not the only thing that changed about his life.

Jason Used to be a Sheriff. Now's He's a Final Expense Agent with HIS

From Sheriff to HIS

Justin fully committed to HIS by enrolling in our Fast-Track Coaching Program.

Josh Talks About Working with HIS and Still Having Time for His Family.

HIS = More Family Time

Josh wanted to support his family but also have plenty of time to spend with them.

Make A Six-Figure Income Your First Year in Insurance Sales

  • Became the 3rd out of 10,000 agents nationwide.
  • Achieved huge success right out-of-the-gate.
  • Sets appointments over the phone (with almost no rejection).

Build Long-Term Success in Final Expense Insurance Sales

  • Making Money vs Building a Money Making System.
  • Ignorance is More Expensive Than an Education.
  • Take Responsibility Before You Run Out Of Things to Blame.

Kent's Testimony

150% Income Increase

Kent is now making 150% of what he did after 16 years of in-home sales managing 15 states.

Jeremy's Testimony

Phenomenal Training & Support

Jeremy made the move from car sales to insurance sales and hasn't looked back.