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Hey There!

Thanks for checking out this "About Us" section... Here's the thing, it's not really about us, it's about you and how you can become more successful as a result of associating with us.

Our mission is simple "Helping other win... Living the Elite Life." 

We’ve learned a lot since Howe Insurance Services was established by Don Howe more than 35 years ago, and while we’ve made plenty of mistakes on our journey to success, one thing we’ve learned is that, to be truly successful, the focus has to be helping others win.

To us, helping others win, means helping You achieve great success. With that mission in mind, in addition to offering some of the highest commissions, we’ve put together a world class training system and gathered a full-time office support team to serve you and your agents. Your support team here at HIS (the Elite Crew) consists of 20+ experts in contracting, leads & prospecting, sales training, and recruiting support - all with the mission of helping you grow your business and win!

As for "Living the Elite Life" part of our mission, Elite is defined as "the best or most select." Being Elite isn't about being better than someone else, it's about becoming better than you were yesterday... Consistently growing and making the right choices- becoming the Men and Women, Husbands and Wives, Fathers and Mothers that God created us to be. 

Around here, we like to remind each other to "Be Elite" as a reminder to make the right choices and never stop growing. I trust you'll appreciate the ELITE Values we do our best to live by: 

ENTHUSIASTIC - Exhibiting a passionate and determined mindset while contributing to a fun and positive environment. 

LIFE-LONG LEARNER - Committed to personal development and growth; coachable and teachable. Willing to learn and apply advice from others. 

INTEGRITY - Always maintaining the highest ethical standards. Doing the right thing regardless of cost or consequences. 

TEAM PLAYER - Working together towards a shared vision and goals. Helping and encouraging others while showing respect for the team. 

EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS - Diligently working to achieve excellence. Going above and beyond in an effort to deliver the "WOW" factor.

Thanks again for stopping by, we look forward to Helping You Win!


Your Elite Crew


P.S. Remember... Be Elite!

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