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Top 10 Reasons Agents Love Working With Howe Insurance Services

1 - You gain access to the best 10-Pay, Final Expense, and ROP Term companies in America.
2 - You receive the highest commission available from the insurance carriers for your production level.
3 - You receive immediate commission vesting from H.I.S.
4 - You have the freedom to leave H.I.S. with full carrier releases, should you ever wish to.
5 - You receive free personalized sales brochures.
6 - You receive a personalized website at no charge to you.
7 - You can order direct mail leads at a special discounted rate. (The current rate is $395 per thousand mailers).
8 - You gain access to more than 100,000 “B and C Leads” that range in price from $0.50 to $8.00 per lead.
9 - You gain free access to HIS’s world-class sales training library.
10 - You gain access to qualifying for special sales conventions (Aruba, Costa Rica, etc.) by combining production from more than one company.

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