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Growing Confidence - We All Need It In Sales - Part 2

by Helena Davis on 8/5/19 2:24 PM



Confidence - Part 2

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Growing Confidence - We All Need It In Sales

by Helena Davis on 7/29/19 6:24 PM



Confidence - Part 1

Have you ever wished you were more confident in sales?

In this week’s podcast we’ll hear amazing advice on how to embody yourself with confidence.

Confidence is contagious, so remember, it all starts with you.

For Confidence it takes Competence, Connection and Character.

  • Competence: know what you are doing
  • Connection: build that relationship with your prospect
  • Character: do what you promised when you promised to do it




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10 HOT Tips for New Insurance Agents! {New for 2019!}

by Helena Davis on 4/29/19 6:00 AM

New insurance agents often fall into one of two categories. These two categories are brand new without experience, and some with sales experience or some insurance sales experience. Either way, selling insurance can feel daunting.

You are not alone but you should know that working with the right team makes all the difference. We like to use the term team because that is the only way businesses are built successfully. The leadership of the team is critical, and that is why we do our very best...

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