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Free Sales Training for Insurance Agents

by HIS National Champions on 2/8/16 11:09 AM



At Howe Insurance Services we have training sessions that are different from most places. Here we have Experienced Top Producers regularly share their tips, schedules and steps to success.  Rick Washburn is one of these Top Producers.

Rick joined HIS in October, 2013. He struggled for several months to gain the consistency required to have success in this business.  His wife was concerned about his lack of succes and asked him some hard questions. Answering these questions from his wife...

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Small Policies Can Make a Difference

by HIS National Champions on 2/8/16 9:39 AM


A woman whose husband has recently passed away finds Dawn's business card in her husband's wallet...

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Why it’s Time to Expand Rather Than Contract

by HIS National Champions on 2/6/16 9:20 AM


A volatile economy can make you feel like everything you do is a wild guess, but did you know that tough times means it’s a great time to expand rather than contract?

Depending upon how you’re doing financially, this could impact how you respond.

Realistically, most folks want to cut back on everything and retreat. What about your behavior as a final expense insurance agent?

Do you feel defeated by the economy? Do you let the numbers affect you negatively?

It’s interesting that some folks...

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Be A Consultant, Not A Salesperson

by HIS National Champions on 2/4/16 6:18 PM


David helped his client discover that her term insurance was about to cancel on her...

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Top 10 Final Expense Agents for January 31st, 2016

by HIS National Champions on 2/3/16 12:00 PM
Thanks for joining us as we look at the Top Ten National Champions here at HIS.
Claiming the prestigious Number One spot this week is National Champion, Scott, knocking it out of the ballpark with a total of $10,293 of AP. 
One of Scott’s goals is to keep his average above $4k each week and with weeks like this he’s well above that! Congrats!
Keeping things hopping and looking amazing our Second Place winner in this week’s leaderboard is one of our favorites,  Tony! Tony wrote  $9,908...
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How to Set Goals that Actually Work

by HIS National Champions on 2/3/16 8:47 AM


We’ve talked about setting goals a lot here on our blog, but you may still be wondering how to set goals that actually work.

Maybe you’ve set goals multiple times, only to achieve a few. Maybe, you’ve even set goals without a clue where to start.

There’s a lot more to setting goals than just thinking about them. There is a REAL purpose for setting goals, and there is a real way to become super productive once you do set your goals.

Today, we’ll share with you the ultimate SECRET to setting...

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4 Things You Need to Ensure Success

by HIS National Champions on 1/30/16 9:08 AM

Success is something that we talk about often here, but you’re back because you want to learn more about what things you need to ensure success.

You want to be successful at selling final expense insurance, but no doubt you want to be successful in your personal life and relationships.

There are tons of things you’ll need to be successful, but a lot of it is really linked to your personal attributes. Is it true that you’re either born to be successful or you’re not?

Not necessarily.


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Knock 3 Times A Parody

by HIS National Champions on 1/28/16 10:41 PM



Do we seriously make money by simply knocking on doors? You betcha, well sorta, at least we did in this video, and we...

Posted by HIS National Champions on  Thursday, January 28, 2016

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At our Live Training Event we gave away over $1,800 to help illustrate the point that "knocking on doors pays". Rick Washburn, one of our team leaders, gave a great presentation about [Click to view] How he raised himself to a National Champion in Selling Final...

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Top 10 Final Expense Agents for January 24th, 2016

by HIS National Champions on 1/27/16 5:12 PM

What a great line up we have here in the Top Ten this week! These National Champions got out there and pushed it this week!

Matt brings up the front here at Number One, finishing strong with $11,266. What a great job Matt, keep shining!

In the Number Two spot, i'ts great to see Nathan. Nathan went out and helped nine out of nine folks. He closed his week with $7,956 in AP. Amazing week Nathan!

In Number Three we have Elijah, again moving forward with $7,904. Elijah sat with thirteen...

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Always Review Every Policy Possible

by HIS National Champions on 1/25/16 12:21 PM


Jeff always helps by reviewing every policy he can!

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