10 HOT Tips for New Insurance Agents! {New for 2019!}

by Helena Davis on 4/29/19 6:00 AM

New insurance agents often fall into one of two categories. These two categories are brand new without experience, and some with sales experience or some insurance sales experience. Either way, selling insurance can feel daunting.

You are not alone but you should know that working with the right team makes all the difference. We like to use the term team because that is the only way businesses are built successfully. The leadership of the team is critical, and that is why we do our very best...

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One Simple Step to Being the Local Expert in Life Insurance

by HIS Elite on 10/2/18 7:30 AM


Be the Local Expert Sept 12

I’ve been selling for the past number of years and am excited to share with you my biggest, single secret for positioning yourself as the local expert in the final expense life insurance industry. It’s seriously so simple, will help you overcome objections, make more sales and build your clientele.


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9 Invaluable Sales Skills Needed to Sell Insurance

by HIS National Champions on 9/28/18 7:30 AM

Salespeople need a specific set of sales skills in order to achieve success during the course of their career. While there are many skills that come in handy for any sales position, there is a list of “top skills” you’ll benefit from when selling insurance.

Today, we’ll share with you a list of 9 invaluable sales skills you need to help you achieve success when you sell insurance with Howe Insurance Services or any agency for that matter! 

 Top Sales Skills You’ll Need for Success

While there...

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The Top 10 Most Popular Articles For Insurance Agents

by HIS National Champions on 8/3/15 7:42 PM

Below you will find 10 of the most popular blog posts for insurance agents from our site. This list was compiled from the thousands of people who have viewed, shared and commented on these power packed articles.

The topics vary but you'll soon see that these posts are packed with incredible information to help you.

1) 7 Great Tips For Long Term Success in Insurance Sales

2) 3 Reasons Agents Fail When Selling Final Expense Insurance

3) Prospecting For Life Insurance Sales

4) 9 Invaluable Sales...

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Growing Your Insurance Business with William Brown

by HIS National Champions on 7/9/15 6:42 AM

If you are considering working with Howe Insurance Services (H.I.S.), and you are coming from another agency, then you should know that there is ample opportunity for growing your business.

William Brown wanted to share his insight and testimonial for those of you that are considering coming on board with H.I.S. Regardless of what agency you have worked with in the past, you may not have had the training or support that you needed.

In fact, you may have capped out at a certain level of...

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Thinking About Coming to Work with H.I.S.?

by HIS National Champions on 7/6/15 12:51 PM

Recently, we featured Dustin on our conference call, and it is ideal for those of you thinking about coming to work with H.I.S. Dustin gave his testimonial and shared with us his deepest passion. That passion is mentoring others.

Dustin spent four years working as a personal trainer, and during that time he discovered the personal reward of coaching and mentoring others. If you have been thinking about working with H.I.S., but you just want to know if there is ample help and training for you...

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Overcome Objections and Make More Money

by HIS National Champions on 7/1/15 2:42 PM


There will come a time when you need to learn to overcome objections in your sales career, but do you realize that doing so can help you make more money?

Tony Gomez was on a conference call in March of this year, and we were discussing that he made over $60,000 in personal sales. While making calls without distraction is important, it’s also important that you work at overcoming objections.

You’ll get objections on the phone just as you would in the home. Generally, this means that your...

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7 Great Tips for Long Term Success in Insurance Sales

by HIS National Champions on 6/29/15 11:45 AM

Anyone can be successful in insurance sales for a few weeks, months, maybe years.

But to achieve long-term success you need more than the enthusiasm that comes with a newly minted insurance license.

Here are 7+1 tips to help you make it long-term.

1. Focus your insurance business around your clients.

If you put the needs and priorities of your client above your own you'll never lack for business and quality referrals.

2. Be the insurance expert.

If you consistently provide valuable advice and...

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Time Management Solutions for Insurance Agents

by HIS National Champions on 6/23/15 9:47 AM

All successful insurance agents know that time management is a big deal. Time is something that you can’t back. How do you currently spend your time?

If you don’t want to waste your life, it’s important that you maximize your time. Every agent will have their own idea of how much time they need in a day to set appointments and make a sale.

There are some agents we have that work a few days a week. They work long, hard days and they make a good living. They are happy with that, and that is...

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How to Close $10,497 Weekly Premium - Ken Hamilton Interview

by HIS National Champions on 6/19/15 7:13 AM

Some time ago Don featured Ken Hamilton on a conference call about closing weekly premium. What is your ideal number?

While you may have a figure in mind, remember that it’s all about using the right systems and processes. If a good system is in place, then there is no need for you to re-invent the wheel.

Ken was not an expert in final expense insurance, and this is a key statement. Why? Because you need to know as an agent, that you don’t need all of the answers to become great. He was a...

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