What Waking Up an Hour Earlier Can Do for You!

by HIS National Champions on 2/13/16 9:17 AM

Have you ever heard the statement that, “Whatever you do first thing in the morning sets the tone for your day?”

Waking up early is a common practice among those who are super successful. There is a good reason for this; they know that they can get more done and they can do more to take care of their body and mind.

Would you agree that you could use more time in your day? How much more could you accomplish if you woke up just one hour earlier?

Here are some ideas on how this one extra hour...

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How to Set Goals that Actually Work

by HIS National Champions on 2/3/16 8:47 AM


We’ve talked about setting goals a lot here on our blog, but you may still be wondering how to set goals that actually work.

Maybe you’ve set goals multiple times, only to achieve a few. Maybe, you’ve even set goals without a clue where to start.

There’s a lot more to setting goals than just thinking about them. There is a REAL purpose for setting goals, and there is a real way to become super productive once you do set your goals.

Today, we’ll share with you the ultimate SECRET to setting...

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Going Above and Beyond for Success

by HIS National Champions on 1/23/16 7:00 AM

Have you asked yourself recently if you could do more to start going above and beyond for success? Would you be willing to do ten times the amount of activity so that you can go above and beyond?

It could be that you are not thinking big enough. If you want to be successful you’ll have to work every day at making more calls, improving your skills, and even spend some time dedicated to educating yourself.

Reading great books, listening to positive audios and attending events where you can get...

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Having the Proper Mindset for 2016

by HIS National Champions on 1/19/16 6:30 AM

Having the proper mindset is critical for you to live the very best that you can in all areas of your life. Do you strive to have the right mindset and keep it all year round, or do you wait until the end of the year to gear up?

Your mindset is so important because belief is what fuels the fire to be the very best that YOU can be. Your mindset is also what fuels the fire for you to be positive and remain positive all the time.

As the year 2015 comes to a close and 2016 is on the horizon, do...

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Letting the Unknown Keep You On Your Toes

by HIS National Champions on 1/7/16 9:38 AM

There are tons of ways to keep yourself going, but it’s important that you start letting the unknown to keep you on your toes.

Think about everything you know at this very moment, everything that you know to be true. You most likely know who your parents are, and you most likely know who your siblings are.

Perhaps you wake up every day and go to the same employer, and you know what type of car is parked in your driveway. What would you do if you didn’t know the answer to any of these things?


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Setting Goals-Your Roadmap to Success

by HIS National Champions on 11/13/15 10:09 AM


Setting goals is like drawing a map for your journey to success. Without a map, you would have a very difficult time driving to your destination.

Let’s say you go on a vacation to a cabin in a large forest. Most likely your drive to your destination would be a bit lengthy and probably on a windy road. Chances are, your cabin is set in the woods amidst other cabins. Without a map, you’ll have a very difficult time finding your cabin.

How can you apply this to your life? What is your REAL...

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5 FREE Tips for Closing More Sales

by HIS National Champions on 11/4/15 8:56 AM


Selling brings new challenges every day, and you’ll need all the tips for closing more sales that you can get. In fact, these tips apply to those working in various industries, but they are super effective for new insurance agents.

If you could close more sales without dipping into your personal funds to help you build your business, would you take our advice? Today we’ll share 5 tips with you that you can use every day, and you won’t have to buy anything.

FREE Tips for Closing More Sales


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How Successful People Work Through Stress

by HIS National Champions on 10/19/15 10:00 AM

Selling final expense insurance can be a lot of fun, but you may want to study how successful people work through stress. If you want to be a winner, you’ll have to start working through things rather than around them.

This means that you need to start with your hardest calls of the day first, and if you had any unfinished paperwork to clear up, then you’ll want to conquer that first as well.

It’s important that you study how successful people live and work so that you can emulate them. Today,...

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Insights from the Movie “Rudy”

by HIS National Champions on 9/18/15 9:03 AM

Sometimes great insight comes from the most unlikely person, and the movie Rudy is a great example of this.

Daniel Ruettiger, the real name of “Rudy”, would tell you that he was the most unlikely character of all to inspire others. All he wanted was to play football for Notre Dame, but for most of his life he probably didn’t believe that he would.

He didn’t have a college scholarship, and he wasn’t able to qualify with his grades to get into Notre Dame. It’s safe to say that Rudy was nowhere...

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Having a Positive Mindset 

by HIS National Champions on 9/14/15 3:44 PM

Having a positive mindset is vital in a sales position. With all of the negativity in the news it’s important for you to focus your mind on positive and encouraging things.

Spending time in the presence of others that are speaking negative words can eventually wear you down regardless of how positive you are.

Chances are, you’ve heard co-workers or even family members make negative statements to you about something in your life or something you were wearing. The world is always finding fault...

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