One Simple Step to Being the Local Expert in Life Insurance

by HIS Elite on 10/2/18 7:30 AM


Be the Local Expert Sept 12

I’ve been selling for the past number of years and am excited to share with you my biggest, single secret for positioning yourself as the local expert in the final expense life insurance industry. It’s seriously so simple, will help you overcome objections, make more sales and build your clientele.


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The Top 10 Most Popular Articles For Insurance Agents

by HIS National Champions on 8/3/15 7:42 PM

Below you will find 10 of the most popular blog posts for insurance agents from our site. This list was compiled from the thousands of people who have viewed, shared and commented on these power packed articles.

The topics vary but you'll soon see that these posts are packed with incredible information to help you.

1) 7 Great Tips For Long Term Success in Insurance Sales

2) 3 Reasons Agents Fail When Selling Final Expense Insurance

3) Prospecting For Life Insurance Sales

4) 9 Invaluable Sales...

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Mastering Emotions When Challenges Come

by HIS National Champions on 4/15/15 9:28 AM

One of the biggest challenges in life is mastering emotions when challenges come. When you work for yourself as an insurance agent you face a new set of challenges that you didn’t before when you worked for someone else on a daily basis.

Stepping into a field that requires you to be a specialist means that you need to spend more time learning your craft and focusing on improving your listening skills as well as being more organized with your time and your work.

When challenges come in life...

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10 Behaviors Prospects Despise that Agents Should Eliminate

by HIS National Champions on 4/2/15 7:00 AM

Sales has always been a competitive industry, but there are 10 behaviors prospects despise that you need to learn about and eliminate.

When it comes to sales, there are top performers and then there are those that do “okay” for their company. If your manager tells you that being a star is in the cards for you, would you do absolutely everything in your power to make sure that you are included in that pool of the best of the best?

You should know that your prospects opinion of you can make or...

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3 Great Reasons to Be a Great Listener!

by HIS National Champions on 3/20/15 7:00 AM

Did you know that there are 3 great reasons to be a great listener? Can you recall a time when you felt as though you weren’t being heard? This happens a lot in personal life and when it comes to business. Unfortunately, those that don’t learn how to listen often don’t achieve the success they had hoped for.

Listening isn’t just about “hearing” the response of the client, but it’s about “listening” carefully, quietly, and understanding what they need and what they want.

If someone were to ask...

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The Power Behind Asking the Right Questions

by HIS National Champions on 3/16/15 1:12 PM

Do you know the power behind asking the right questions? Do you think that you currently struggle to ask prospective clients the right questions?

Years of research and study have proven that the most successful people know how to ask questions, they ask the right questions, and they are great listeners.

This week is dedicated to focusing on asking and listening and that is because we want our agents that come on board to have massive success.

Success doesn’t come without a price, and that...

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Overcoming Obstacles

by HIS National Champions on 3/2/15 8:47 PM

Mark Twain once said "I've had a great many misfortunes in my life, most of which never came to be." What a powerful phrase and an important one in our business.

There are many things that can get in our way in what we do.  I can think of 100 things I would rather be doing on a Sunday afternoon and evening other than making phone calls.  I can think of many days when I would have rather stayed at home instead of making presentations.  Days I would have just quit and gone home and not knocked...

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Handling Objections "I want to talk this over with my kids / attorney"

by HIS National Champions on 4/1/14 10:00 AM
We've mentioned it before but it bears repeating: the best way to deal with an objection is to handle it during your presentation. This is just as true for final expense sales as much as it is for auto sales.

If you encounter an objection more than once, rework your presentation to handle this objection before it comes up. This is the easiest way to ensure a smooth and stress-free interview.However, you'll still get objections from time-to-time. Don't panic. This is totally normal.

I Want to...

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4-Steps to Help Military Veterans with Final Expenses

by HIS National Champions on 3/18/14 12:07 PM

4-Steps to Help Military Veterans with Final Expenses

It's not uncommon for our agents to meet with a veteran who believes the government will take care of their funeral and final expenses. How do you handle this objection?

Check Out this blog article for more help: Handling Objections - Prepaid Funeral or Burial Plot

Veterans hold a special place in the hearts and minds of the American people. Their service to our country is difficult to overstate. We owe our freedom to the men and women of...

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