One Simple Step to Being the Local Expert in Life Insurance

by HIS Elite on 10/2/18 7:30 AM


Be the Local Expert Sept 12

I’ve been selling for the past number of years and am excited to share with you my biggest, single secret for positioning yourself as the local expert in the final expense life insurance industry. It’s seriously so simple, will help you overcome objections, make more sales and build your clientele.


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Why Customer Satisfaction is Worthless

by HIS National Champions on 12/29/15 2:25 PM



Did you know that customer satisfaction is worthless? Yep, it is. You probably think this is absolutely crazy, but we won’t change our tune.

Here’s why.

Most of the world ONLY focuses on satisfaction, both personal and business. It’s the “coup de gras”, if you will for most business people.

Here’s the thing.

If you ONLY focus on satisfaction and nothing else, where do you end up? You do the work, make the sale, and you get paid. What happens next?

Practicing What Happens After Customer...

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The Power of Asking- 5 Surefire Tips

by HIS National Champions on 12/22/15 9:03 AM

Asking is an important part of life, but the power of asking is often discredited. The only way to get a response is to ASK.

Taking control of your life is important. If you could gain more control over your life, in what area would you start first?

Today, we’ll share how to ask to get what you want and need, and the action steps you need to take in order to get what you want.

Action Steps for the Power of Asking

If you aren’t living the life you want it’s time for you to start taking control...

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Do Successful Agents Have Stress and Anxiety?

by HIS National Champions on 10/31/15 9:04 AM

Do you think that successful agents have stress and anxiety? You bet! However, successful agents handle their stress and anxiety differently.

In fact, you might be surprised to hear that the most successful agents may have more stress and anxiety than you do! It’s all about how they CHOOSE to handle that stress. Do you realize that you can take these emotions and turn them into something positive?

Today, Don Howe shares with you how successful agents use stress and anxiety to spur them to...

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One Simple Trick to Getting to Yes!

by HIS National Champions on 8/19/15 8:50 AM

Have you read the book Getting to Yes? If you are new to selling final expense insurance then it could be one of the most helpful books you’ll ever read.

One of the biggest challenges a salesperson faces is getting the customer to say “Yes!” It would seem that selling final expense insurance would be an easy sale because everyone knows that at some point their life will come to a close.

Today, we’ll share with you the reasons WHY many prospects don’t respond and what you can do now to change...

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The Top 10 Most Popular Articles For Insurance Agents

by HIS National Champions on 8/3/15 7:42 PM

Below you will find 10 of the most popular blog posts for insurance agents from our site. This list was compiled from the thousands of people who have viewed, shared and commented on these power packed articles.

The topics vary but you'll soon see that these posts are packed with incredible information to help you.

1) 7 Great Tips For Long Term Success in Insurance Sales

2) 3 Reasons Agents Fail When Selling Final Expense Insurance

3) Prospecting For Life Insurance Sales

4) 9 Invaluable Sales...

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10 Steps to Selling Insurance Successfully

by HIS National Champions on 1/28/15 6:00 AM

Do you want to start selling insurance successfully? We’re sure that your answer is a resounding “yes”! There are many things you should do to become successful as an insurance agent, but if you want to be successful all of the time, there are 10 steps you should follow to pave the way to long term success.

Today, we want to share with you these 10 steps to selling insurance successfully now and in the years to come.

Selling Insurance Successfully Long Term!

Nothing worth doing is ever easy,...

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3 Creative Ways to Generate Insurance Leads

by HIS National Champions on 1/26/15 11:39 AM

Are you curious about how you can generate insurance leads without relying on the company you work for to do so? What if we told you that we had ideas for you to help you generate a fresh supply of leads each day, so that you would never have to worry about getting more contacts all on your own?

When in sales, you absolutely must do everything you can to keep your pipeline full to help you build your business. Today, we’ll share with you 3 creative ways that you can generate insurance leads...

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Prospecting for Life Insurance Sales

by HIS National Champions on 11/7/13 12:37 PM

Before you can make a sale, you have to have a client.

This is one of the most fundamental precepts of sales.

Despite this a lot of sales professionals don't invest enough into making sure their sales funnel is full. When you're prospecting for new clients you're fueling up your sales vehicle. As long as you have fuel to run on you'll do fine. Begin to ignore this essential first step and it won't be long before their aren't any sales coming out of the bottom of your funnel.

Three ways you can...

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