What is the Fast Track Program?

The Fast Track Program is designed to help life insurance agents become successful at selling and doing it on the Fast Track. 

Fast Track agents have access to a high level of training and support, top contracts, and subsidized-quality leads.


Q & A Access

By joining the Fast Track, you will have access to text or email our Fast Track leader, Helena Davis, with questions you have. You can ask a question in REAL-TIME, and get an answer in REAL-TIME. We also have weekly training courses that cover questions such as:

1. Knowing your products; which company and why

2. Presentation preparation

3. Appointment setting

4. And SO MUCH MORE...

What does the Fast Track Program Include?

Text or Email

Q & A

A Presentation Package


Client Gift Starter Package


Exclusive Presentation Videos


Who Leads the Fast Track Agent Program?

Our Marketing and Sales Expert, Helena Davis, heads up the Fast Track team. Helena is a certified business coach and for the past 7 years has successfully coached hundreds of life insurance agents. 
She personally sold final expense life insurance for three years while simultaneously helping to lead and grow HIS. Helena averaged $5,000 in AP every week (while only selling two days per week). Her charisma and passion for helping people has made her one of the most sought-after life coaches. 

Want to be on the Fast Track?

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